Location : Researches Laboratory
   Forest Management and Policy Laboratory
 Tian-Ming Yen
04-22840345 ext. 120
   Renewable Resources and Wood Adhesives
 Wen-Jau Lee
04-22840345 ext. 126
   Remote Sensing and Geo-spatial Information
 Kai-Yi Huang
04-22840345 ext. 124
   Furniture Making and Wood Finishing Lab.
 Kun-Tsung Lu
04-22840345 ext. 222
   Pulping and Papermaking
 Yuan-Shing Perng, Su, Yu-chang, Shi-Yen Shen
04-22840345 ext. 152,252
   Tree Metabonomic and Natural Medicine Development Lab.
 David Wang
04-22840345 ext. 338
   Water Chemistry and Nutrient Cycling
 Chiung-Pin Liu
04-22840345 ext. 237.337
   Bio-Based Composites
 Jyh-Horng Wu
04-22840345 ext. 336
 Liao, Tien-Szu
04-22840345 ext. 218
   Taxonomy and Ecology of Forest Plant
 Chern-Hsiung Ou, King-Cherng Lu, Yen-Hsueh Tseng , Hsy-Yu Tzeng
   Biomaterial physics and engineering Lab.
 Te-Hsin Yang
04-22840345 ext.145
   Biomass Energy Research Lab.
 Keng-Tung Wu, PhD
04-22840345 ext. 140
   Forest recreation and environmental economics Lab
 Wan-Yu Liu
   Tree Genetics and Genomics Lab.
 Ying-Hsuan Sun
04-22840345 ext. 147
   Bio-based Polymers Lab.
 Yi-Chun Chen
04-22840345 ext. 148
   Biomaterial Structural Design Lab.
 Teng-Chun Yang
04-22840345 ext. 150
Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University
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